Instagram – October 20th, 2019

Interesting news just in from @singita_ about the levels of poaching, demand and the local bushmeat trade in Africa. Hearing news like this can sometimes be disheartening, but let’s keep spreading the word and keeping up awareness- after all, every little helps in the fight to protect Africa’s most endangered species.
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The current escalated levels of desire for high-value wildlife products such as rhino horn, elephant ivory, lion bone and pangolin scales has driven the illegal hunting of these and other species to levels not seen in decades.⁠
At the same time, the demand for protein to feed Africa’s burgeoning human population is driving an ever-growing market for illegally-harvested bushmeat. Together, these industries threaten the very existence of the continent’s unique protected areas and remaining wildlife.⁠
Click the link in our bio to learn how Singita’s conservation partners use technology, in combination with teams of highly-trained scouts, to bolster anti-poaching efforts at its reserves in South Africa and Tanzania.⁠
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