Instagram – Sep 03, 2022 @ 11:00

International Vulture Awareness Day

Vultures are often portrayed negatively in the Hollywood light, but what most shows fail to do is capture the important role this scavenger plays in cleaning up the environment in which they live, as well as preventing the spread of diseases.

Vultures are social creatures, preferring to spend their time in groups, and can be known as a committee, venue, or volt. There are 23 species of vulture (16 Old World Vultures and 7 New World Vultures) spread across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Old World Vultures depend solely on their sight to find their prey. New World Vultures, on the other hand, rely on their sense of smell as they do not have a voice box, which means they are often silent. They are only capable of hissing, growling, or snarling. Even though these splendid birds can hunt down prey, they choose to consume dead animals and will only resort to hunting if food is scarce.

For far too long, vultures have had a bad reputation. It’s time to educate the public about the indispensable role this bird plays and show some well-deserved appreciation. To support us in the conservation and protection of birds of prey, please click the link in our bio!

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