Instagram – Sep 27, 2022 @ 14:00

We often talk about human-wildlife conflict and how difficult it can be to live alongside Africa’s most iconic wildlife. We are proud to partner with organisations who target these issues and tackle them head on, making a huge difference in the lives of the communities- and the wildlife. Read on to see what @tsavotrust have been doing recently… ⁣🐆

Posted @withrepost • @tsavotrust Human-wildlife conflict has always been an issue for communities that border National Parks. Fortunately, we can intervene in cases such as this. This male leopard was killing goats at a farmer’s homestead, with tensions rising in the community; The joint Tsavo Trust & KWS Tembo 3 team were lucky to trap the Leopard and translocate him deep into Tsavo West to live another day.

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