Instagram – September 13th, 2018

Charismatic, cute and always cheerful, meerkats might be the cutest animals in the bush but did you know they’re also under threat from people trying to keep them as household pets? @jamessuter ‘s been out in the bush spending time with them and an incredible lady who has dedicated her life to looking after the little critters. Keep following along to see what he’s been up to- and to find out more about @riseofthematriarch , a project dedicated to women working In conservation 🙌🏻 #Repost @jamessuter with @get_repost
Had an incredible week spending time with a woman who has dedicated most of her life to caring for meerkats. Did you know that these animals face serious threats too? The biggest one being that they are captured and sold illegally as pets. She has successfully rescued and rehabilitated over 50 of these animals. I look forward to revealing more soon.

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