Instagram – September 20th, 2019

You might remember that we posted about the incredible news that ova had been harvested from the last two Northern white rhino in the world at @olpejeta and was in the process of being rushed to Italy to make use of the latest technology.⁣

We are now pleased to announce that the scientists involved have successfully created two Northern white rhino embryos! ⁣

Here’s to bringing back a species from the brink of extinction! What a story and what a journey it’s been to get us here, and whilst it should never have happened in the first place, making use of this technology is just magical. ⁣

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For decades the story of the northern white rhinoceros has been a tale of decline. The number of individuals shrank down to only two in 2018, rendering complete extinction as only a matter of time. An international consortium of scientists and conservationists has now achieved a milestone in assisted reproduction that may be a pivotal turning point in the fate of these magnificent animals. Using eggs collected from the two remaining females and frozen sperm from deceased males, they successfully created two northern white rhino embryos. The embryos are now stored in liquid nitrogen to be transferred into a surrogate mother in the near future.

I am honored to have helped document this momentous undertaking. I am grateful to the incredible organizations who made this a reality, including @olpejeta @kenyawildlifeservice @leibnizizw #Avantea and @safariparkdvurkralove. You can support this important work to save these vulnerable creatures by supporting @biorescue_project. At this pivotal moment, they need valuable support and all contributions will have the potential to save not only these northern white rhinos but so many other species. Click on the link in my profile to get involved today.

Photo by Cesare Galli/Avantea

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