Instagram – September 5th, 2018

We are absolutely devastated to hear the news that almost 90 elephants have been killed in a poaching spree in Botswana. The tusks of all 87 animals, found during an aerial survey by @elephantswithoutborders , had been cruelly chopped off.

The incident is even more shocking considering Botswana’s reputation as a wildlife safe haven. The country is home to the largest population of elephants in Africa but events like these show that no matter how much work, time, money and energy is poured into anti-poaching operations, organised poaching gangs can still wipe out large herds with impunity.

The incident also sadly coincides with a change in government and a recent decision to disarm anti-poaching patrols in Botswana.
As alarming and upsetting as the news is, please share far and wide. It’s a heart-breaking reminder that the fight against poaching is far from over and that we must do everything we can to spread the word and ensure the message is being heard by those that matter ❤️ 🐘 📷 by @simon_smith_photography