Fund a Film Campaign

Who can fund a film?

Anyone! The Fund a Film initiative provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals and companies to contribute to the Connect Foundation in a tangible manner. We would love for individuals and businesses to join us in our mission to support non-profit organisations by funding films and creating content that aids specific causes.

Why should you fund a film?

By funding a film you have the power to make a real impact on the ground, and you can support a cause that resonates with your passions. Whether it’s a non-profit organisation working to address a social issue, a particular species you feel connected to, a women’s rights initiative, or people in need (just some examples) – you can collaborate with us and create content for non-profits changing our world.

Our Connect team will collaborate with you to fund a film that aligns with your values. As a member of our team, you will actively contribute to making a real difference and create a film for a cause that holds deep meaning to you.

Does Connect have specific stories and non-profits in mind for film creation?

Absolutely! We have an array of projects in the pipeline – causes that hold immense significance and non-profit organisations in dire need of a film. Our passion lies in bringing these stories to life, but we require the necessary funding to make it possible.

How will your contribution be acknowledged in the film?

For companies – your company logo can be prominently featured in the film, and you will have shared ownership of the film, allowing your company to use it where needed – for marketing purposes and to educate and make a positive impact. We hope that all films will bring in funding for the organisation featured as well as create awareness.

If an individual or a family funds a film, we are flexible in accommodating their preferences, whether it’s including their details at the beginning or end of the film or exploring other creative ways to highlight their contribution.

What’s the next step?

In the past, through our Black Bean work, we have witnessed the incredible impact that unfolds when people grant films to remarkable projects. These films, crafted by our dedicated team, have significantly enhanced the work of non-profit organisations. They have generated awareness and funding, aided in day-to-day events and operations, and facilitated successful fundraising initiatives.

If you are eager to be part of the transformative change that our world needs and wish to do so through the Fund a Film campaign – please get in touch with us. We would love to work with you!

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Empowers Africa has partnered with Connect Foundation – Fund a Film in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to Connect Foundation – Fund a Film.

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Connect Foundation – Fund a Film Campaigns

The Matriarchs

The Matriarchs’ aims to honour women who are working to address environmental and humanitarian issues, tackle gender-based violence and extreme poverty and women in general. It would be incredible to take this project to the next level – film more women, explore having staff members dedicated to it – grow the community.

The Matriarchs trailer

Find out more at

Lessons in Conservation

We plan to film our second short film for Lessons in Conservation in August 2024.

Lessons in Conservation trailer

Read more about Lessons in Conservation

Elephant Alone

This long form documentary we plan to film through 2024 and plan to complete this documentary for broadcast in 2025.

Elephant Alone trailer

Culture vs Crime

Our film about Joy and her experience of gender-based violence is just one story of how culture can be used to silence those that experience acts of violence against them. We would like to film two more stories and create a long form documentary for broadcast.

Culture vs Crime trailer

General Donations

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