The East African Centre for Empowerment of Women and Children has a mission to help communities eradicate poverty by empowering themselves, by improving literacy for women and children, and by improving the communities’ overall health status.

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Empowers Africa has partnered with East African Centre for Empowerment of Women and Children in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to East African Centre for Empowerment of Women and Children.

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East African Centre for Empowerment of Women and Children Campaigns

High School and Further Education Sponsorship

($750 per year, 4 year commitment)

Through donor support, the EAC is able to sponsor high school students in the Takaungu area. Our dedicated staff member, Mohamed, identifies these students together with our board, and follows up with them throughout their high school career, ensuring that the student is fulfilling their potential and taking advantage of the opportunity they have been given through sponsorship. Ideally, the commitment for a high school sponsorship should be for the full amount for 4 years in order to ensure the student can complete their education. If that is not possible, we also have a fund where we pool donations and sponsor students jointly, help some transfer to better schools, or send students to technical training programs. Donors receive updates on all the sponsored students throughout the year.

Vutakaka Junior School Support

The EAC supported the Takaungu community in opening a high quality nursery and primary school in the area. The schools operating costs are all covered through fees paid by parents. The bigger items like capital improvements and resources are a struggle for the community board. The school would currently like to build a science lab to make sure learning standards are up to date and complete the school fence to increase the safety of all students within the compound. Donations to the school are pooled and the school board decides on priority projects for which it then submits budgets to the EAC for approval and funding.

Community Health Work

The health work of the organization has evolved and changed over the years, and now operates as an efficent support for the government systems that are in place. The EAC program manager, Mohamed, is involved in a variety of government programs from deworking, polio eradication, prenatal care sessions, outreach days, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, and other campaigns. The organization has developed it’s own support days, collecting toys and clothing for children living with HIV/AIDS, and running “Stay Alive” clubs at local schools. Mohamed also does condom distrubtion, works with the government community health team, and moves around the community sharing health information. He is also able to identify anyone particularly vulnerable community members and connect them with services (orphans, people with disabilities, those living with HIV/AIDS).

General Donations

In order to operate the above programs, it is incredibly important to have small but steady funding for the general organization. These donations will cover our governmental filing fees, annual audit, bank fees, meeting costs, and other fundraising costs. The only salary paid by the organization is for the phenomenal program manager, Mohamed, who makes all of the above possible with his consistent dedication to his work and his community.

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