Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) is Kenya’s principal predator conservation trust and is dedicated to three of Kenya’s most important ecosystems: Greater Mara, Samburu-Laikipia and Amboseli-Tsavo. We protect vulnerable predator populations, empower local communities and educate communities and stakeholders about conservation and environmental stewardship. Our focus on Kenya offers us a profile with national policy decision-makers, unique knowledge of the country’s wildlife areas and local communities and a clear understanding of the actors in the local and wider economy that have a stake in healthy ecosystems.

KWT’s Vision: A Kenya where predator populations are a cornerstone of thriving ecosystems.

KWT’s Mission: To implement programmes and provide funds to data-driven and community supported conservation efforts that enable the long-term viability of predator populations in Kenya.

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Empowers Africa has partnered with Kenya Wildlife Trust in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to Kenya Wildlife Trust.

Kenya Wildlife Trust Campaigns

Mara Predator Conservation Programme

The Mara Predator Conservation Programme (MPCP) is KWT’s flagship initiative with a vision is to provide impactful evidence-based, conservation management recommendations and solutions developed through robust research and monitoring practices. MPCP utilizes innovative data collection models to project lion and cheetah densities and GPS collars to continuously monitor and inform on the behaviours of and threats to the Mara’s predators. The programme also works closely with communities and other key stakeholders around the Mara to mitigate conflict and promote coexistence with wildlife.

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One Mara Research Hub

The One Mara Research Hub is a new initiative by KWT that seeks to drive enhanced coordination and cooperation among the key network of stakeholders in the Greater Mara ecosystem. The central objective is to establish a framework for knowledge exchange and data-sharing among researchers and decision-makers in the Greater Mara to secure the long-term conservation and preservation of the Greater Mara Ecosystem. The Hub will encourage the uptake of evidence-based research in policy and project development, contributing to the community’s economic, environmental and social well-being and in turn, increasing the impact of local research in the Mara.

Conservation Leadership Programme

KWT’s Conservation Leaders’ Programme hopes to ensure that the unique knowledge of young people in Greater Mara, Samburu and Amboseli can be enhanced by a quality Higher Education degree. The program offers full funding to study wildlife conservation at undergraduate level, at a group of hand-picked universities in Kenya. The programme works with local schools and NGOs to select gifted students, with leadership potential, who would otherwise not have the chance to pursue a quality education. KWT runs regular workshops for scholars, working with strategic partners in areas like university orientation, study skills and workplace preparation, to help ensure scholars complete their degrees and are well prepared to pursue livelihood opportunities after graduation. Every graduate will join the KWT Leaders network, a dynamic group of local conservation leaders with a lifetime network.

General Programmes (Grassroots Grant Making)

We place faith in the capacity of trusted local organizations to drive change. Our grant making portfolio includes grassroots organisations in Samburu and Amboseli, focusing on protection of Big Cats and projects that focus on improving community livelihoods, health and education.

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