Men End FGM Foundation (MEF) is a global award-winning movement that rallies men and boys to join the quest to end female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), child marriage and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) subjected to women and girls.

It is estimated that over 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone FGM/C, with a majority residing in Africa. In Kenya, more than 4 Million women and girls live with the consequences of FGM/C, which is a gross violation of human rights.

Started in 2013 as an online campaign (#MenEndFGM), MEF has grown into a leading non-profit organization that works with communities, governments, civil society and media to educate, advocate and mobilize resources to end FGM/C, child marriage and other forms of SGBV through movement building, policy advocacy and community awareness creation.

At MEF we believe that men and boys have a vital role to play in ending FGM/C, child marriage and other harmful practices. Find out more at

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Men End FGM Foundation Campaigns

Training of male champions to end FGM/C in Kenya

Most communities in Kenya are patriarchal in nature with men as the custodians of culture and key decision-makers who wield immense power over different aspects of women’s lives as fathers, elders, political leaders, law enforcers, local administrators (paramount chiefs), judges and religious leaders. Unfortunately, men rarely witness what happens during the actual cutting and many have no idea about the physical, emotional and health issues women and girls endure as a result of undergoing FGM/C. This project identifies and trains male champions who can spread the End FGM/C message to their peers, thus building a strong movement of male champions actively advocating for the elimination of FGM/C.

So far MEF has trained 481 champions across Kenya.

Your donation goes to training more champions in the remaining 12 FGM/C hot-spot counties in Kenya as well as facilitating the already trained champions to conduct community dialogues and sensitization in their communities.

Capacity building on the guide on engagement of men and boys in ending FGM/C

Men End FGM Foundation in partnership with the Anti-FGM Board Kenya, with support of United Nations’ International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Kenya engaged various stakeholders across Kenya to develop guidelines on engaging men and boys in ending FGM/C. MEF continues to capacity-build grassroots organisations on how to use the guide in their day-to-day community interventions. Donations towards this initiative will help train more Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) across Kenya.

Youth engagement

Men End FGM is actively engaging young people as advocates for the elimination of FGM/C, child marriage, and other harmful practices. Through the #SasaNiSisi campaign, young people are trained as Youth for Change Advocates (Y4C Advocates) to engage their respective county policymakers and stakeholders for the enactment of relevant policies, costed work plans and budget allocation by the government to sustain the campaign to end FGM/C in their respective counties. This has resulted in the establishment of strong movements of young people at the county level actively engaged in policy and budget advocacy and stakeholder engagement to end FGM/C and other harmful practices.

In parallel, our #TubongeNaComrades campaign takes the message of empowerment to institutions of higher learning. Here, we foster informed and empowered young minds, equipping them to make responsible life decisions. We tackle critical issues such as mental health, substance abuse, leadership, and financial management, all while shedding light on the devastating impact of FGM on the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls. We promote not just awareness but action, championing safer sex practices and paving the way for a brighter, safer future.

Your donation will go towards building a strong movement of young people across Kenya actively advocating for the elimination of FGM/C and other harmful practices by holding leaders accountable and pushing for increased budget allocation by both county and national governments

Hooyo Haigoynin

It is an open secret that FGM/C is predominantly practised in urban centres, especially in Nairobi City. According to the recent KDHS2022 Survey, approximately 9.7% of Kenya’s women and girls in urban areas have undergone FGM/C, with 61.6% of the urban FGM/C survivors reporting to have had their genitals cut and flesh removed.

Despite the prevalence of FGM/C in urban areas, efforts to address this issue among urban dwellers have been limited. However, Men End FGM is taking a proactive approach by engaging families in the Eastleigh area of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Through a program dubbed “Hooyo Haigoynin”, a Somali phrase that loosely translates to “Mum Don’t Cut Me” we are rallying the members of the Somali community living in Nairobi to abandon the practice in totality.

Your donation will go towards supporting us to hold sustained dialogues with religious leaders, survivors, madrasa teachers and the youth from this community in collective efforts to stop the practice.

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