Transforming lives. Saving species. Restoring environments.
Help us to build a brighter, sustainable future for Southern Africa’s most vulnerable.

Join us at the frontline of change in Southern Africa. Together, we can uplift impoverished communities, halt the extinction of threatened species, and reclaim our endangered environments from the brink.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

We know you want to live a life of significance. To be a Changemaker: Empowering Communities, Protecting Nature, and Making a Lasting Impact. This is your opportunity to GET INVOLVED, and to make a difference that will ripple impact into the world. With your support, we can build a brighter, sustainable future for beneficiaries who are in desperate need.

In a world that’s rapidly advancing, too many are left behind, trapped in poverty due to limited access to quality education, resources, and opportunities. The environment is under threat, and many animal species face extinction. We have the power to change this.

At More Community Foundation, we’re not about quick fixes. We’re about creating sustainable solutions to end poverty cycles and environmental mismanagement. Sustainability is about balancing present needs with the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.

We follow the ‘triple bottom line of sustainability’ approach, guided by the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environmental Sustainability: We advocate for practices that protect our environment and responsibly utilise natural resources.

Social Sustainability: We strive to foster inclusive communities, promoting equitable access to resources and opportunities.

Economic Sustainability: We support initiatives that stimulate economic growth and create employment, while maintaining harmony with our environment and society.

Our comprehensive strategy includes four key pillars: Education & Skills Development, Enterprise Development, Living Standards, and Conservation & Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation.

Education & Skills Development: We offer comprehensive education programs (from early childhood to post-graduate) and skills development to spur personal growth and create future education, employment, or entrepreneurship opportunities.

Enterprise Development: We stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth, providing skill development and mentorship programs, creating local businesses, jobs, and stronger communities.

Living Standards: We ensure access to basic human needs, advocating for sustainable infrastructure like clean water and proper sanitation to enhance community living standards.

Conservation & Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation: We promote sustainable resource management, biodiversity conservation, and initiatives to balance human-wildlife coexistence.

Strategy in Action… Here’s how we do it.

Sustainability is not just a concept for us; it’s the way we live. From adopting eco-friendly practices to promoting inclusive treatment of all individuals and conducting business ethically, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact at every moment.

We have a number of projects on the ground in South Africa and Zimbabwe through which strategy is transformed into action.

Projects are supported and funded by MORE Family Collection’s Lodges & Hotels, the guests who visit (through a sustainability levy, and through immersive ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ community experiences), and by a number of generous individuals, bodies and businesses – just like you – in Southern Africa and around the world….

So, what is the significance of the life we lead? The choice is ours. Let’s make it count.

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Education and Skills Development

We offer comprehensive education programs (from early childhood to post-graduate) and skills development to spur personal growth and create future education, employment, or entrepreneurship opportunities.

Masuwe Secondary School, Hwange Rural District, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

– Build & Develop a New School

There is currently no secondary school in the vicinity. This means that when learners complete their primary education, very few have the means to attend secondary schools in other villages as transport and accommodation are major problems. Most learners, therefore, drop out of school or repeat grade 7.

Masuwe Primary School, Hwange Rural District, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

– Build 3 new classrooms

The classrooms are needed to accommodate the growing number of learners and to separate the different classes.

Community Field Guide Training Programme

More Community Foundation’s goals include upskilling for employment, specifically in the tourism group that collaborates with us. This incredible program empowers exponentially more community individuals and previously disadvantaged South Africans with a practical, in-safari work placement, that creates work experience and ultimately gives learners the best opportunity for employment.

Jabez Preschool, Justicia B, Mpumalanga Province

The Preschool provides children in the village access to an Early Childhood Development Center. A new ablution block is desperately needed to provide for the needs of the growing number of learners.


Black Rhino Conservation Project, Victoria Falls Game Reserve, Zimbabwe

Through the Victoria Falls Black Rhino Conservation Project, our mission extends beyond monitoring and dehorning. We also play the role of educators, sowing seeds of understanding within local surrounding communities.

Living Standards

Hatima Khanya Drive

The Hatima Khanya Drive (meaning ‘shine’ in Tsonga, Nguni, Zulu, Xhosa & Ndebele) strives to provide young girls in Africa with reusable sanitary products, ensuring menstruation doesn’t hinder their education.

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