Pangolin.Africa is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the most highly trafficked wildlife species on the continent – the African Pangolin.

Conservationists estimate that one pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes due to the huge demand from the African and Asian traditional medicine markets. The decimation of the Asian species has seen a dramatic spike in demand for the African Pangolin.

In response to this crisis, Pangolin.Africa has adopted a three-pronged approach of Publicity, Participation and Protection to achieve its mission of saving all four species of African Pangolin. The organisation works with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields with the aim of:

  • improving education and awareness of the African Pangolin and the critical need for conservation action
  • encouraging public participation through citizen science research initiatives
  • supporting law enforcement in combating the illegal trafficking of African Pangolins

The organization also supports conservation partners across Africa who are working on research, protection and rehabilitation of African pangolins.

The situation facing the African pangolin is critical. It has reached a tipping point and if we don’t act now, this animal could disappear in our lifetime.

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Empowers Africa has partnered with Pangolin.Africa in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to Pangolin.Africa.

Pangolin.Africa Campaign

The Eye of the Pangolin

We believe that if people come to know the African pangolin and are educated about the threats to their survival, they will care enough to help put a stop to the trade in their meat and scales. Pangolin.Africa is working with two award-winning filmmakers to produce a powerful, awareness raising film about the critical situation facing the African pangolin. The filmmakers are travelling across the continent to track down these beguiling creatures and learn from those caring for and studying them.

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