Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of the most highly trafficked wildlife species on Earth – the African pangolin.

One pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes. The situation facing the African pangolin has reached a tipping point. If we don’t act now, this animal could disappear in our lifetime.

Through our three-pronged approach of publicity, participation, and protection, we work with global partners in tourism, conservation, and business to contribute to research, protection, and rehabilitation of this vulnerable species.

Our flagship Pangolin Guardian programme improves education and awareness around the African pangolin to empower those living and working in regions where the pangolin naturally. The programme is also a powerful tool for students and citizens who are passionate about protecting pangolins and safeguarding Africa’s vulnerable wildlife.

“Pangolins are an integral part of Africa’s rich natural heritage. Pangolin.Africa works to support awareness and conservation efforts that protect their important contribution to the continent’s biodiversity, but also safeguards their future for this generation and those to come,” says Pangolin.Africa Founder Toby Jermyn.

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Pangolin.Africa Campaigns

Help us grow a new generation of Pangolin Guardians

Our youth education programme involves an interactive classroom course that teaches children about African pangolins, why they are a unique part of Africa’s heritage, and why they need to be protected.

By focusing on schools in southern Africa, we are able to reach communities that live and work in regions where pangolins are found naturally in the wild. These are also regions with high-poaching risk, and where poaching is sometimes part of livelihoods or cultural traditions.

We aim to deliver the programme to local teachers, environmental club staff, and community leaders who carry out the course using the materials we provide. This approach enables us to tailor course materials for the specific needs and local languages of the school children.

Our goal is to empower children, and those who deliver the programme, to be a powerful voice of protection for the pangolin that is heard within and beyond their communities.

During each school visit, we provide:

  • Screening our Pangolin Guardians education course
  • Interactive quiz and ‘What is a Pangolin’ education materials
  • Pangolin Guardian certificates and badges for each child
  • One-on-one discussions with students that nurture appreciation for Africa’s natural heritage and their responsibility towards its protection
  • Student follow-ups to evaluate comprehension and attitude changes

With every USD 350 raised, we can impact 100 children in a school. By donating to our youth education programme, you can help us grow the next generation of Pangolin Guardians who protect this special species.

Learn more about the Pangolin Guardians programme here.

Support successful Pangolin rescue & rehabilitation

Our pangolin rescue and rehabilitation efforts are carried out in collaboration with the Kalahari Wildlife Project (KWP). Based in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, the facility is managed by a veterinary nurse with over 30 years of expertise in rehabilitating various animals, including pangolins, aardwolves, bat-eared foxes, and raptors.

Previously, injured pangolins from the Northern Cape had to be transported to rehabilitation centres in other regions of South Africa. By rehabilitating pangolins and other wildlife in their natural habitat, we work with KWP to reintroduce them swiftly and successfully to familiar surroundings.

Our support for this work provides a variety of services and equipment. This includes:

  • Off-site housing for pangolins at night that keeps secure, and where release details are kept confidential for their protection.
  • Operating expenses that cover veterinary care, medications, equipment, DNA testing, transportation.
  • Staff expenses that enable specialised care and pangolin monitoring, feeding, and exercise.
  • Data collection efforts that contribute towards greater scientific research and understanding on pangolins.

Our goal is to raise USD 4,500 per year to fully support this facility.

More specifically, with every USD 350 raised we can purchase a camera trap and courier it to one of our research partners across Africa who need this special equipment.

For USD 550 we can fit a transmitter to a pangolin and track them to ensure their successful reintegration back into the wild.

Learn more about our pangolin rescue & rehabilitation efforts here.

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