Pangolin.Africa is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of the most highly trafficked wildlife species on earth – the African pangolin.

Conservationists estimate that one pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes due to the huge demand from the African and Asian traditional medicine markets. The decimation of the Asian species has seen a dramatic spike in demand for the African pangolin.

In response to this crisis, Pangolin.Africa has adopted a three-pronged approach of Publicity, Participation and Protection to achieve its mission of saving all four species of African pangolin. The organisation works with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields with the aim of:

  • Improving education and awareness around all four African pangolin species
  • Encouraging participation through citizen science initiatives such as Pangolert which supports research efforts through the gathering of critical population and distribution data
  • Implementing protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground

The organization also supports conservation partners across Africa who are working on research, protection and rehabilitation of African pangolins.

The situation facing the African pangolin is critical. It has reached a tipping point and if we don’t act now, this animal could disappear in our lifetime.

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Empowers Africa has partnered with Pangolin.Africa in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to Pangolin.Africa.

Pangolin.Africa Campaigns

#running4pangolins - How far will you go to save a species?

Whether you run marathons, fun runs or just run for the bus, here’s an opportunity to do something really amazing for conservation on World Pangolin Day, Saturday February 15, 2020!

Join thousands of pangolin supporters around the world who will be hitting the tar, track, trail or treadmill to raise awareness for pangolins. You’ll become a “mobile pangolin ambassador” for the day as we’ll equip you with a campaign running bib as well as pangolin facts so you can answer any questions about why you’re running for this extraordinary animal.

Participating in the #running4pangolins global campaign is easy, fun and free! All we’re asking for is your time.

Ask friends and family to sponsor you per mile and raise money for pangolin conservation. Then donate your funds raised, here on the EmpowersAfrica website.

There is no set route or minimum distance. You can run anywhere, at any time on the day. Just run!

Read more about #running4pangolins at Pangolin.Africa

Help us rehabilitate pangolins rescued from electric fencing

We are establishing a small rehabilitation facility in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, for pangolins rescued from electric fencing – a common feature on game and livestock farms in the region.

The facility is run by a veterinary nurse who volunteers her time and expertise but needs financial support to cover some of her hard costs. These include building a larger enclosure to house pangolins during their rehabilitation; petrol to drive within a 70 mile radius of the farm to collect rescued pangolins; travelling more than 150 miles to a nearby town for veterinary consultations, medicine and feeding tubes; facilitating informative workshops with local farmers to encourage their support of the project; and DNA testing on deceased animals.

Every dollar we receive will help lessen her expenses. Our goal is to raise USD4,500 per year to enable her to continue this critical work in this very remote part of the country.

Read more about Pangolin rehabilitation at

Buy essential gear for a pangolin researcher

Pangolins are enigmatic creatures and very challenging to monitor – especially the nocturnal species who only step out after dark. Camera traps and tracking devices are the best tools to help researchers learn more about them and understand their behaviour.

Camera traps provide an insight into their secret lives and supply invaluable data on distribution, feeding and other activities. With every USD350 raised we can purchase a camera trap and courier it to one of our research partners across Africa who are in need of this special equipment.

Fitting pangolins with tracking devices is often the only way conservationists can continue to monitor rehabilitated pangolins after their release. For USD550 we can fit a transmitter to a pangolin and track them to ensure their successful reintegration back into the wild.

Read more about what gear Pangolin researchers need at

Help us show our ground-breaking new film to kids in Africa

We have produced a ground-breaking new film, Eye of the Pangolin, about the critical situation facing the African pangolin.

We’ve launched an intensive educational campaign for Eye of the Pangolin, to take the film to rural schools in areas where poaching may be a community livelihood or cultural practice. With your help, we can broaden the reach of our campaign to even more schools in Africa. Each school visit includes:

  • A screening of an 8-minute version of the film
  • An interactive discussion with the learners facilitated by our education staff
  • Awarding of a special ‘pangolin protector’ badge and a pledge form for each child, challenging them to each tell 10 people about pangolins – thereby expanding the reach tenfold
  • Follow up with the school after a month to assess learners’ understanding and attitude changes

For every USD350 raised we can show the film to 100 children at a school.

Read more about Eye of the Pangolin at

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