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Sifa Self Help Group Campaigns

Rural Women and School Girls Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) Support Project.

Small Women Sanitary Pads Making Machine.

Non access and inadequate supply of quality sanitary pads to the low-income young rural reproductive women and school girls results in rural women and school girls using unclean cow dung, rugs and plant leaves as sanitary pads for their Menstruation Health Management (MHM).

Rural Women and School Girls Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) Project is to support Sifa Group’s initiative to establish a small rural based quality sanitary pads manufacturing to serve rural women and school girls in the Lake Victoria region counties.

Women Clean Energy SMEs Business Incubation Center Project.

Rural Off-Grid SMEs Business Incubation Energy Center.

Women Clean Energy SMEs Business Incubation Center Project is to support a rural community off-grid industrial grade renewable energy business incubation access point for the operations of SMEs in agro- processing, value addition, ICT, water pumping, cooling, drying, sewing machines, and public uses (e.g., schools, health centers, MV Charging, police stations) etc.

Rural Women E-Commerce Empowerment.

Rural TVWS Internet Connectivity Hub.

Rural Women E-Commerce Empowerment project is to establish a Rural TVWS Internet Connectivity Hub to provide a wireless link backbone for affordable and stainable rural wi-fi digital connectivity to support education, skills upgrading, communication, collaborations, market access, e-commerce and socio- economic development pillars for the disadvantaged, underserved and unconnected rural people.

Rural Portable Clean Water Distribution Support Project.

Small Portable Rural Water Well Drilling Equipment.

Millions of rural people still lack access to clean drinking water. Women and children in the rural are every day trekking long distances to collect unclean water. Rural Portable Clean Water Distribution Support Project is to Support the acquisition of a small portable water well drilling machine for sustainable community clean water delivery points within 500 meters radius to the rural communities’ water dispensing services to the community small business centers, schools, health centers and community irrigation farming schemes.

Women Agriwaste Organic Fertilizer Processing Project

Small Agri-Farm Solid Waste Organic Fertilizer Processing Facility.

The establishment of a small agri-waste organic fertilizer facility to provide affordable and sustainable supply of organic fertilizers to the small farm holders as an alternative to the over dependance on chemical fertilizers. This is to improve soil health, enhance agricultural productivity, food security, and environmental protection.

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