Singita’s 100-year purpose is to preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations.

Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT), Singita’s non-profit conservation and community development partner in South Africa, is committed to a wide range of conservation and community development programmes and partnerships across the greater Kruger Park landscape – within and surrounding the Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park.

SLT places a significant focus on building long-term, meaningful community partnerships in the region. Supporting access to quality education through a strategic focus on holistic early childhood development and school readiness, and access to digital on-line learning hubs, as well as promoting young entrepreneurship and rural enterprise development to address the high level of youth unemployment in the region.

SLT also supports the safeguarding and monitoring of the many species of conservation concern in this region (rhinos, leopards, vultures and large raptors, lions and wild dogs), as well as the effective conservation management of Reserves.

These biodiversity conservation and community partnerships and programmes strive to build a future in which both people and nature can thrive in harmony alongside one another.

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South Africa – Singita Lowveld Trust

Singita Community Culinary School

Singita Kruger National Park

The Singita Community Culinary School (SCCS) at Singita Kruger National Park provides a year-long chef development course, enabling young adults from neighbouring rural communities to qualify with an internationally recognized City & Guilds qualification. The program offers theoretical and practical training. Graduates emerge with sought-after skills and strong employment prospects, while Singita’s lodge kitchens – and those further afield – benefit from a pool of expertly trained young chefs.

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Rhino Orphan Rehabilitation & Rewilding

Singita Sabi Sand

The remarkable rescue operation of Mavic – a rhino calf orphaned in a tragic poaching incident in August 2022 – put a renewed spotlight on the urgency to ensure their future; and his rescue and journey of rehabilitation and rewilding is a testimony to the dedication of those who work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

The Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT) is committed to the multi-year sponsorship with Care for Wild (the world’s largest orphan rhino sanctuary) to cover the full cost of Mavic’s rehabilitation and rewilding journey to ensure his eventual re-release into the wild. The aim is to grow the sponsorship and support the rehabilitation and rewilding of other rhino orphans as they become part of the future breeding population for the region – and a key population in the race to save rhino.

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Guardians of our Wildlife

Singita Sabi Sand / Singita Kruger National Park

Singita Lowveld Trust is dedicated to safeguarding our reserves and their fragile ecosystems, with a crucial focus on anti-poaching operations. While a well-trained and equipped team of field rangers is irreplaceable, the integration of innovative technology amplifies their effectiveness. Singita’s Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), comprising skilled rangers, adapts swiftly to combat the evolving tactics of organised crime syndicates. In addition, the K9 unit has been a game-changer, pivotal in maximising detection and apprehension capabilities.

To combat evolving poaching strategies, a comprehensive approach combining elite-level training, and boots-on-the-ground patrols is imperative. Supported by state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including night-vision gear, virtual tracking harnesses, and rapid-response vehicles, they deter poaching and employ proactive law enforcement.

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Panthera Partnership Leopard Research

Singita Sabi Sand

Despite inhabiting the most widespread range of habitats, leopards are among the most persecuted big cats in the world. And while it’s often assumed that their conservation status is secure, illegal killings for their skins and other body parts, retaliatory killings due to human wildlife conflict and poorly regulated and managed trophy hunting severely impact their numbers. Your support will contribute to Panthera’s ongoing genetic research and DNA scat analysis underway in the Sabi Sand Leopard Research Project.

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Saving Species of Conservation Concern

Singita Sabi Sand / Singita Kruger National Park

The Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT) partners with the Endangered Wildlife Trust – a well-respected South African Conservation NGO – & support their invaluable work across the Greater Kruger region. This includes the Vulture Safe Zone Alliance, Large Raptors, Wildlife Poisoning Rapid Response & Carnivore Conservation Programmes (African wild dog, cheetah, lion & spotted hyena). Contributions towards the EWT support research, monitoring & conservation projects to address raptor & carnivore population declines & catalyse co-research, monitoring & conservation.

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Holistic Early Childhood Development Support

Singita Sabi Sand / Kruger National Park

Through the Singita Holistic Early Childhood Development Support programme, children are supported to fully develop in physical, cognitive, psychological and social domains. Principals, teachers and parents receive valuable training and the ECD Resource Drive, made possible by donations from Singita guests, provides the books, educational toys, creative arts and fantasy kits, and outdoor and indoor equipment needed to make each classroom a centre of excellence where children make great strides towards reaching full potential.

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Local Community Partnerships

Singita Sabi Sand

In partnership with the Good Work Foundation (GWF), this programme delivers digital-era literacy education and career training via community-driven digital learning centres of excellence, of which there are currently five around the Sabi Sand area. Singita recently strengthened its partnership with GWF via a three-year commitment to the Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC), located in the village closest to Singita Sabi Sand.

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