Surfpop Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation in Cape Town, South Africa, offering 70 vulnerable children from the poor communities of Masiphumelele, Ocean View and Khayelitsha, of whom half are girls, a safe space and stimulating program five days a week after school with the vision to build a sustainable future for them.


Each week the children, referred through foster care, social workers and schools, participate in two surf sessions, two education classes and one life coaching activity, complemented by daily nutritious meals. Surfpop becomes a second family for them and we support each child until they can access better future opportunities in the form of a tertiary education or job. The surf sessions, complemented by swimming lessons and environmental awareness, are conducted by qualified surf coaches in Muizenberg. The education classes, focused on Maths, English and homework support, are facilitated by qualified teachers in the Surfpop classrooms in the township communities. The life coaching workshops led by a qualified psychologist teach the children valuable life skills and vocational skills that help them grow as individuals and prepare them for their dream future.


Surfpop Foundation is run by a qualified team, who each bring their unique skill set to the program. To ensure a safe space for the children, all our team members also act as caring mentors. The foundation is governed by a board of directors consisting of
founder Daniel Botha as chairperson, Alwyn Lubbe as treasurer (chartered account and education expert) and Céline Hoeks as secretary (psychologist and expert in development cooperation). Together they ensure that the organisation is run in line with the South African and Dutch legislation for non-profit organisations.


At Surfpop, we’re all about continuous improvement. Through annual interviews and surveys with beneficiaries, caregivers and social workers, we gain valuable insights that help us evolve. Analysing school results, gathering data from online programs, and reviewing each conducted activity is key to our holistic approach. This process not only helps us enhance our impact, but it underscores our dedication to achieving long lasting impact. Our annual impact assessments consistently show the positive outcomes and impact of the program. Children improve their mental health; they are significantly happier and more confident and have a more positive outlook on the future. Children improve their resilience; they have access to a safe space and caring mentors and have acquired and are adopting new coping skills. Children strengthen their school performance, with 70% improving their Maths and English marks, and environmental awareness. Children acquire new life skills and vocational skills that prepare them for their future. Surfpop helped all 6 graduates access jobs and 4 graduates access tertiary education. Read our latest impact report at

Budget and Needs

In the coming five years, we aim to grow the Surfpop program to 100 child beneficiaries from the three communities that we work in: in 2024 to 86 beneficiaries and in 2026 to 100 beneficiaries. We are also launching a graduate program to link Surfpop graduates after matric to tertiary education and employment, consisting of mentoring and financial support (in the form of an interest-free loan/revolving fund), for which we have received full funding. For the financial year 2024-2025, our budget is R1,970,000 (USD105,000). We hope that Empower Africa can contribute USD 25.000 to this budget.

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