African Leadership University (ALU) and its foundation, the ALU Foundation, are the first of their kind on the continent, dedicated to galvanizing a new generation of bold, entrepreneurial and ethical African leaders.

By 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce on the planet and nearly half the people in the world will live on the continent by the end of this century. With less than 10% of young people pursuing a tertiary education, African workers will lack the skills and entrepreneurial agility to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

Our world is changing fast, and conventional universities — many based on teaching traditions established more than 1,000 years ago — aren’t keeping pace. The current education system is failing to produce the entrepreneurial and collaborative problem-solving talent African businesses need.​

The world needs a new breed of universities. ​In 2014, we embarked on a journey to reimagine higher education. With state-of-the-art campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda, ALU was designed from scratch with a forward-looking curriculum centered on equipping today’s students with skills to excel even as the world changes — and in doing so, embolden a new generation of globally-oriented leaders in Africa and across the globe.

From the start, we’ve been on a mission to bring the “university of the future” to the world: a place where students declare ​missions​ not majors, where ​real-world​ ​experience takes precedence over theoretical classroom lectures,​ and where ​learning how to learn​ augments learning facts and figures​.

By 2035, ALU aims to unleash the human potential of three million leaders, and in the process, unlock a new era of prosperity and opportunity for Africa and beyond.

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ALU Foundation Campaigns

Scholarship Fund

Last year, 70% of young people admitted to ALU could not accept our offer due to financial constraints. Your support can change this. Your gift will be the catalyst that enables Africa’s future entrepreneurs, government leaders, artists, and innovators to gain the skills they need to transform the future of the continent.

100 USD to cover school supplies
250 USD to cover essentials like bedding and toiletries
1000 USD to help cover living expenses for a semester
5000 USD to help cover part of a student’s tuition and living expenses for one year
15000 USD to cover a student’s full tuition and living expenses for one year

Read more about the scholarship fund

School of Wildlife Conservation

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation aims to (i) improve the effectiveness of current professionals in conservation, (ii) develop the next generation of conservation leaders, and (iii) build sustainable bridges between conservation and other sectors (public or private). The School has already awarded $1,600,000+ in scholarships to current and future leaders in wildlife conservation. With a gift to the School of Wildlife Conservation, you will support future generations of conservationists and the most innovative thinking on the continent.

Read more about ALU School of Wildlife Conservation

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