Healing Hands of Joy

Healing Hands of Joy is a non-profit organization that exists to bring hope, happiness and a second chance to women affected by obstetric fistula in rural communities of Ethiopia. The foundation works in conjunction with the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital at its regional center. Addis Ababa hospital was formed in 1974 and has since treated more than 43,000 women in fistula obstetrics. They have 5 regional centers that treat more than 3,000 cases per year.

Healing Hands of Joy (“HHOJ”) works alongside the hospital and their regional centers to train survivors as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors, empowering these women to bring knowledge back to their communities regarding this preventable and curable medical condition. HHOJ also provides survivors with education and economic empowerment by way of training and micro lending so these women can find sustainable employment after their surgery and recover.

Their mission is to empower, prevent and educate women and their communities about obstetric fistula. HHOJ has responded diligently to the rising number of women affected by obstetric fistula and continues to be a leader in this field.

Empowers Africa grants will assist HHOJ in opening two additional rehabilitation centers in Ethiopia. One center will be in Bahir Dar and the other will be in Yirgalem.

Grant #1 – February 2015

The grant to the Bahir Dar Centre will cover operational costs, such as, operational facility costs; rent, water/electricity/supporting staff such as cooks, cleaner, driver & transport etc. to keep the rehabilitation center open.

Grant #2 – February 2015

The grant to the Hawassa center will help recovering patients establish viable income generating sources after rehabilitation through micro lending and training. The grant will fund micro-loans to 80 women plus continued education and refresher training workshops and follow up in the field to monitor the loans/businesses.

Grant #3 – May 2016

Empowers Africa made a grant to Healing Hands of Joy for support of women in Ethiopia who have suffered from obstetric fistula. The funds will be used for income-generating skills training and to fund 40 micro-loans of USD 250 to Safe Motherhood Ambassador Program graduates. HHOJ and the Amhara Women’s Association will conduct the training at HHOJ’s Amhara Region Economic Empowerment Centre.