Singita Lowveld Trust

The Singita Lowveld Trust is committed to a number of conservation and community. The foundation has made a lasting impact on various parts of Africa orchestrating an interdependent relationship between communities, wildlife and tourism Here are two Singita Lowveld Trust programs that Empowers Africa supports:

Child Supplementary Feeding Program – Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

The Singita Lowveld Trust began its Child Supplementary Feeding Program in Zimbabwe in response to the 2002 drought that resulted in rampant malnutrition and illness among children. Singita has partnered with the Malilangwe Trust that is a nonprofit conducting philanthropic outreach in the communities surrounding the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe. Each morning, 19,000 children aging from 6 months to 12 years receive a nutritious meal prepared by volunteer mothers. The food is distributed at 436 feeding points on the outskirts of the reserve. The aim of the program is to facilitate the physical and mental development of these children and also to encourage their attendance at school. It costs USD 20 per year to feed one child a daily meal in this program.

Singita School of Cooking – South Africa

The Singita School of Cooking was established to encourage the development of culinary skills and job potential among local youth. On an annual basis, the school selects 9 students from Welverdiend and Hluvukani, 2 rural villages situated on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park. These students are provided the theoretical and practical Cooking Qualification, at a Level 4 (a post schooling qualification), at the end of their year of study and practice.

They are also given the opportunity, during the year, to gain experience in Singita’s 5 star lodge kitchens. This generally enables them to seek excellent employment after graduation. Singita facilitates the latter by reserving and offering students the opportunity to apply for any available entry-level chef positions within a Singita lodge kitchen environment; and assisting with their application process for employment at other lodges within the great KNP. Since commencement, this program has qualified approximately 60 students, most of whom are pursuing successful careers. Some have reported operating at Sous Chef level, within their places of employment.

The program in essence equips young people from the local area with skills that have life-long value and which enable them to have a positive future.