Time + Tide Foundation

The Time + Tide Foundation was established to initiate and sponsor social and ecological ventures in the communities and conservation areas surrounding Time + Tide tourism properties. In partnership with the Time + Tide tourism brand, the Time + Tide Foundation supports economic and education initiatives in Zambia and Madagascar that inspire conscientious and viable development.

The Time + Tide Foundation engages directly with residents and conservation organizations to understand the modern challenges of living and operating within protected areas. They initiate and manage projects in the conservation areas of Liuwa Plain, the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa Valleys in Zambia as well as the Nosy Ankao archipelago and adjacent mainland in Madagascar. In each of these locations, they have a physical presence and capable people who provide assistance and oversight to beneficiaries.

Grant #1 – June 2017

Empowers Africa made a grant to the Time + Tide Foundation for two of their projects: The Crowned Lemur Conservation Project in Madagascar, which aims to safeguard the species in the short-term and develop a long-lasting conservation model; and for teacher training projects in Zambia that provide support to teachers as well as a field-based education center.