Care for Wild with Petronel Nieuwoudt

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in the is the largest rhino orphanage in the world. The centre is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rewilding of orphaned rhinos. A group of Empowers Africa trustees were lucky enough to spend some time with the orphans as well as with its remarkable founder, Petronel Nieuwoudt, on their recent visit, after which they donated USD $6,500 to the sanctuary and all its projects. Over the years, Care for Wild has rescued more than 80 rhino, with the vision of securing black and white rhino breeding populations and thus, the future of the species. The centre would not be where it is today without Petronel’s vision and utter dedication to the rhinos in her care. A hero, a visionary, and always ready to receive any rhino in need, her work is extraordinary and we are in awe of all that she and her team have achieved. The recent birth of two baby rhinos from orphaned parents is a testament to the incredible work done by Care for Wild and Petronel!