African Wildlife Foundation Celebrates Initiative By US Government

african-wildlife-foundationThe African Wildlife Foundation has issued an email in support of the US Government and President Obama for forming a task force and allocating $10 million in aid to African countries.
The email reads:
This week, we gained a powerful ally in the fight to save Africa’s iconic wildlife.
Calling the poaching of protected species an “international crisis,” President Obama issued an executive order to combat wildlife trafficking by forming a task force and allocating $10 million in aid to African countries.
The task force will develop and implement a U.S. strategy to end wildlife trafficking by supporting anti-poaching efforts, coordinating regional law enforcement, stopping the illicit trade of products, and reducing consumer demand.
“Wildlife trafficking is a multi-billion dollar illicit business that is decimating Africa’s iconic animal populations,” according to a statement from the White House. “Many species – most notably elephants and rhinoceroses – now face the risk of significant decline or even extinction.”
At the African Wildlife Foundation, we believe this announcement comes at a critical time, as poaching rates reach record highs.
We work on the ground every day in Africa to combat wildlife trafficking – by equipping anti-poaching rangers with the latest surveillance and protection tools, using sniffer dogs to detect contraband at airports, and working with communities and legislative officials to enforce harsher punishments for wildlife crimes.
With the added support and attention that this initiative brings, our efforts to protect Africa’s rare and treasured species will be that much stronger.
Empowers Africa joins the African Wildlife Foundation in celebrating this good news.