Empowers Africa Announces a Grant of USD 10,500 to Big Life Foundation

Empowers Africa is proud to announce a USD 10,500 grant to Big Life Foundation to fund the salaries of rangers who make up special forces protecting wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania. We would like to recognize Big Life Foundation for their monumental work in drastically reducing poaching rates in the 2 million acre area they protect. We are moved by their efforts, and want to share with you what they’ve accomplished last year!
As the African Elephant population continues to dwindle in various areas around the continent, there is one place where the population is finding a safe haven – the Amboseli Ecosystem that is protected by Big Life Foundation.
In the last four years, Africa has lost over 100,000 Elephants to poachers and human conflict, and while there are efforts to protect the wildlife of reserves and conservancies, huge losses are reported in the thousands over the last three years. We are happy to report Amboseli vast 2 million acre ecosystem has lost only 4 elephants in the last year to poaching and another 7 to human conflict in 2014.
Their proactive measures lead to the arrests of many poachers and hunters through their various outposts staffed with Big Life Rangers. Out of the 11 elephants Big Life has seen die all of the tusks have been recovered, keeping Big Life out of the Ivory Chain.
Protecting Wildlife is a core value for Empowers Africa, and we are honored to be in partnership with Big Life and witness to the impact they are making in Africa.
For more information on the work Big Life is doing in Kenya and Tanzania please visit www.biglife.org
Photo Credit: Big Life Foundation
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