Empowers Africa Announces a Grant to LEWA Wildlife Conservancy

Empowers Africa is proud to offer a $5,000 grant to LEWA Wildlife Conservancy’s mobile health clinic. The clinic operates in conjunction with 4 of LEWA’s functioning clinics in various rural communities and provides medical assistance to more than 2,000 people living in remote and inaccessible areas around LEWA.
The 4 clinics served approximately 30,000 people in 2014. The grant will cover one-third of the annual operating budget for this program, and will help in the continuation of LEWA’s reach to the unreachable in rural villages surrounding the conservancy’s grounds.
The mobile health clinic provides an ideal conduit for educating people about health care, women’s empowerment, hygiene, and overcoming harmful cultural stigmas.
Some services offered:
Diagnosis and treatment for minor ailments
Rehabilitative care, including mental health and substance abuse counseling
Preventative care, including health education, immunizations, nutritional counseling and campaigns against preventable diseases
Child welfare clinicMaternal welfare clinic
HIV/AIDS counseling
And so much more…
Visit www.lewa.org to find out more about the conservancy and its projects in Northern Kenya.
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