Grant Announcement: Care for Wild Africa

Empowers Africa is proud to announce a grant to Care for Wild Africa for the specialized Denkavit milk for injured, orphan and sick rhino at their wildlife care and rehabilitation center in South Africa.
Care for Wild Africa is located in the Mpumalanga province and specializes in capturing and caring for threatened species. In particular, Care for Wild Africa plays a critical role in the protection and rehabilitation of orphaned rhino in the Kruger region. A team of specialized staff, veterinary doctors, volunteers and management team members work at the wildlife care and rehabilitation center to provide the necessary support, maintenance and supervision that young orphan rhinos require. Currently, Care for Wild Africa is the largest rhino orphanage in the world.
The generosity and hard work of Candace Maloney, her daughter Hannah Maloney and Jackson Elementary School in El Dorado Hills, California made this donation possible and for that we thank them immensely.
To learn more about Care for Wild Africa, please visit