Grant Announcement: Nkuringo Integrated Model School

We are thrilled to continue our support of Nkuringo Integrated Model School in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. In 2013, Dennis Bilungi formed the Nkuringo Integrated Model School. Currently there are approximately 160 children enrolled and receiving formal and vocational training. The school has a beautiful garden that supports the school feeding program, teaching the students how to garden, and is an active income production enterprise. The school aims to give the children both a formal education and vocational training.
Empowers Africa has made several grants to Nkuringo Integrated Model School over the past few years. Last year’s successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raised the necessary funds for a comprehensive solar powered system at the school. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is an area of extremely low solar radiation. Therefore, installing a solar powered system requires an experienced team of professionals. Installation is now complete and students and teachers have power in their classrooms and dorms and refrigeration for food.
This year’s grant from Empowers Africa will supply much needed equipment for the development of the school’s educational program. Specifically, the grant will allow the distribution of two laptops and a Wifi access point. The grant will also continue to support a student’s tuition at the school.
The quality of life and education has greatly improved for the students who attend and live at the Nkuringo Integrated Model School. Empowers Africa is proud to support this promising, sustainable project.