Grant Announcement: Wildlands

Empowers Africa is proud to announce a grant of USD 4,000 to support Wildlands fund the employment of additional NSPCA Wildlife Unit Inspectors to help regulate and cut down on the cruelty in the captive lion industry.
With over 8,000 lions held in captivity in South Africa, there is a growing need for regulation due to the 200+ breeding farms holding captive lions. The NSPCA has the immense responsibility of confronting and taking action against breeders violating the animal welfare provisions in South Africa’s Animal Protection Act. Currently, there is a small team of NSPCA Inspectors who regulate and inspect captive bred predator holding facilities. Additional Inspectors will enable the NSPCA to reach unmonitored facilities and continue its work in releasing captive predators and prosecuting breeders.
Wildlands supports a multitude of programs implemented across six provinces in South Africa. The foundation’s efforts concentrate on generating sustainable natural resources and eco-friendly projects in order to further confront environmental degradation and poverty.