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Not only are elephants one of the most iconic animals in the world, they are also the largest terrestrial mammal. There are two recognized subspecies of elephant: bush (or savanna) and forest. African bush elephants are the larger of the two and their tusks curve out, while their forest-dwelling cousins are darker and have tusks that are straighter and that point downward.⁣

Sadly, both species are in danger. Savanna Elephants are now officially “Endangered” according to the IUCN, and Forest Elephantd are “critically endangered.”⁣

The most effective ways of helping to save the species include the construction of wildlife corridors that allow the mammals to roam, training wildlife scouts who are extremely effective in the fight against poaching, and of course, raising awareness of the ivory trade. ⁣

We are proud to work with partners who are focused on the above and dedicate so much time and effort to saving Africa’s iconic species ⁣

Posted @withregram • @africanwildlifefoundation The IUCN has updated the status of the African Savanna Elephant to ‘Endangered’ and the African Forest Elephant to ‘Critically Endangered.’ Despite the stabilization and growth of elephant populations in Southern and Eastern Africa, the continental herd has declined over several decades due to threats like habitat loss and poaching.

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