Instagram – Aug 04, 2022 @ 10:15

International Owl Awareness Day 🦉

When you hear the words “wise” and “bird” used in the same sentence, chances are that you envision an owl. Owls are often portrayed as highly intelligent creatures, commonly shown imparting wisdom to their young friends in children’s movies and books. These nocturnal beauties have long served as a symbol of impending victory in some cultures, and as a sign of death and doom in others.

Let us take this opportunity to learn a little more about these enchanting birds. Most owl species have great neck mobility and can turn their heads 270 degrees (360 degrees being a common misconception). They cannot move their eyes in the socket as it is held in place by a bone structure. However, they have astonishing night vision and tend to be farsighted. Owls rely mostly on their sense of hearing. They are skilled at detecting even the tiniest shift in sound waves and thus locating their prey. With many owls sleeping during the day, their feather hues and patterns allow them to blend in with their environment.

The population of these beautiful birds has declined over the years due to habitat loss, electric fencing, and poisoning. This International Owl Awareness Day, let us educate our community on how they can join us to help preserve and protect these amazing creatures.

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