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Today is #WorldLionDay and our friends and partners @singita have been sharing updates from the lion prides across their different regions in Africa.⁣⁣
Sadly, lion populations are decreasing across Africa and it is now estimated that only 20,000 exist in the wild. ⁣⁣
This makes days like today even more important. It is imperative that we find sustainable solutions for lion conservation, and supporting organisations that protect the big cats is absolutely crucial to their survival.⁣

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One of the most consistently-viewed lion families at Singita Kruger National Park, the Mountain Pride is often seen with one or all of the handsome Shishangaan males in attendance. This pride has been on our concession for at least sixteen years now, with the their number totaling 37 individuals at one point.⁠
The Mountain Pride have a territory in the central-northern part of the concession and they very seldom wander across our boundary. As far as we know, there are currently twelve members of the Mountain Pride; four adult females, two sub-adult females, one sub-adult male, two older cubs and three new cubs.⁠
Worldwide awareness events like today’s World Lion Day serve to highlight the need for sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the survival of lions in the wild, and to help to spread the word about the importance and urgency of their protection.⁠
We are helping to raise money for the Lion Recovery Fund so that they can continue their essential work as the largest funder of lion-specific conservation work in the world. Please take a moment to visit the link in our bio and consider making a donation in any amount directly to the Lion Recovery Fund, supporting the future of lions in Africa.⁠
100% of the money donated to the LRF goes directly to projects on the ground. The organisation takes no admin or operational fees, which means your contribution is deployed where it’s needed most – straight to the wilderness.⁠


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