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Pangolins are one of the most hunted and trafficked animals in the world. This is Chou Chou, who was found by a farmer on land in Cameroon, where pangolins are traditionally hunted for bushmeat. He was carried to Mefou National Park where he continues to gain strength under the watchful eye of our pangolin guardian Matthieu. ⁣

Every pangolin life is important and there is a huge need for education amongst local populations, and to spread awareness of the plight of the species. ⁣

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Hand raising a baby pangolin is no easy task. They require full time, round the clock care and attention and they are very sensitive to the slightest change.

Our pangolin guardian Mattieu has taken to the task with bravery and willingness. Chou Chou has been going from strength to strength over the last few weeks.

Thank you Mattieu for your dedication, the entire THFC team and all involved in the rescue of this little life.

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