Instagram – Sep 02, 2021 @ 17:13

In August 2020, the Kenyan government announced that the number of lions living in Kenya had increased by 25% to roughly 2500. Current 2021 research shows the population is continuing to grow.⁣

There is an enormous push by conservation organisations in Kenya to work with communities and help mitigate human-wildlife conflict and support the co-existence between people and wildlife. This forward-thinking and sustainable approach to conservation is yielding great results and being applauded by President Uhuru Kenyatta – “(Wildlife) is our heritage, this is our children’s legacy… it is something we should carry with pride”.⁣

As the number of lions living in Kenya continues to grow, let us protect this magnificent species for future generations. 🦁⁣

Image courtesy of @riothephotographer and words courtesy of @olpejeta

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