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The Sheldrick Trust might be best known for their work protecting orphaned elephants, but they also do much more than that. At the moment, they are operating 13 de-snaring teams in partnership with @kenyawildlifeservice which are supported by aerial and canine units. Every year, tens of thousands of kilometres are patrolled, thousands of snares removed and hundreds of arrests made. ⁣

This “family portrait” was taken on one such patrol- talk about perks of the job! ⁣

Posted @withregram • @sheldricktrust Come family photo time, there’s always one who blinks the moment the shutter clicks!

During a routine foot patrol, our SWT/KWS Ziwani Anti-Poaching Team spotted this cheetah mum and her four cubs relaxing in the shade. They are just one of the many wild animal families across Kenya we are able to protect, thanks to your support. To learn more about the vital anti-poaching measures your donations make possible, visit:

Photo Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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