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2020 was officially a year of no poaching in Kenya! Such incredible news and full of admiration for the teams at @olpejeta and the @kenyawildlifeservice ⁣

A huge thank you to all partners and donors who have contributed to these successes, and to all those who have spread the word and continue to believe in the fight against poaching 🦏 ⁣

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We are so proud to share that, despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kenya Wildlife Service (@KenyaWildlifeService) recently announced that 2020 was a year of absolute zero rhino poaching in the entire country! ⁠

While other countries in Africa continue to struggle with rampant poaching, this is an achievement not to be dismissed and prove that the Kenyan government and its partners have put enormous resources behind protecting its wildlife. ⁠

Ol Pejeta continues to be the largest black rhino sanctuary in East and Central Africa and last year announced its third consecutive year without poaching. Our wildlife teams have a rigorous sighting policy where every rhino on the conservancy must be spotted at least once every three days. If not, a targeted search is called to find them. All of our rhinos are ear-notched, this is a unique pattern cut into their ears to make them easily identified. ⁠

We know these successes are in large part thanks to our partners and donors who continue to put their resources, efforts and hearts behind the work we do. ⁠

Photo by: @gurcharan⁠

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