Instagram – Jan 25, 2021 @ 15:29

The effects of Covid-19 on conservation and our natural world will be felt for years to come- but what if there was a positive to the last 10 months? What if we could learn something from our actions and their consequences, and make a change for the better? ⁣Perhaps tomorrow can indeed be brighter… ⁣
@africanparksnetwork CEO Peter Fernhead had these reflections at the end of 2020:⁣⁣
“…what this year has demonstrated is that funding and actions needed to protect nature and prevent pandemics, are far less costly than living through future ones. I am cautiously optimistic that protecting nature will now take on new meaning to decision makers, the voting public, and for the people who are living on the frontlines who during this economic collapse, are surviving off the very nature we are protecting.”⁣⁣
#bethechange #spreadtheword⁣⁣

📸 by Michael Viljoen via @africanparksnetwork ⁣

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