Instagram – Jul 03, 2022 @ 10:30

Happy World Meerkat Day!
These cute, bushy animals belong to the mongoose family and are found in the deserts and grasslands of southwestern Africa. Meerkats are social animals and tend to live in cooperative packs of 3 to 25 to collectively form a mob or a gang.
One of the most unique and remarkable characteristics of the meerkat is its sentinel behavior. While other meerkats forage in broad daylight, one or more meerkats (called a “sentry”) will climb onto a high point like a termite mound, sit erect, and watch out for any predators. A sentry that senses danger will alert others with a high-pitched call, and the gang scatters for cover. Meanwhile, back at their den, a helper will stay back to protect the newborn pups from rival mobs.

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