Instagram – Jul 04, 2021 @ 09:30

“Most animals have a price. Some are killed for their meat, others for their body parts – to be carved into trinkets or used in bogus medical cures. Very few species are safe.”⁣

This sentence made us shiver – and mostly because it’s true. Africa’s most iconic species are threatened by hunting, human-wildlife conflict, poaching and many other unthinkable acts on a daily basis.⁣

We work with a number of partners across Africa that work to alleviate this crisis, including @biglifeafrica , founded to conserve the wildlife and the lands of East Africa. As the only organization operating on both sides of the Kenya/Tanzania border, Big Life’s teams are in a unique position to coordinate the pursuit of poachers who previously escaped arrest. In Big Life’s area of operation, there are more than 2,000 elephants, including some of the largest remaining tuskers in Africa. In 2020, ZERO elephants were poached in the area, and only 8 mortalities were suffered, largely down to natural or unknown causes. This is a true testament to Big Life’s team and operations.⁣

Thank you for everything that you do!⁣

Image and quote from @biglifeafrica

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