Instagram – July 31st, 2019

Because without their bravery and incredible hard work, the most special and iconic areas of Africa just wouldn’t be the same ❤️ #WorldRangerDay

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Today we celebrate World Ranger Day – a day where the world recognizes its Rangers, brave men and women who risk their lives each and every day to protect the last wild places. African Parks has the largest Ranger force for any one NGO in Africa, of 1,000 strong. Our Rangers serve as the last line of defense in some of the remotest, wildest and often extremely dangerous environments on the continent. But their profession goes far beyond the protection of wildlife. Their actions deliver critically needed security to protected areas and ensures that surrounding communities benefit from these wild places by bringing jobs, education and stability to regions. They are a force for good but they cannot do it alone. They require training, equipping and outfitting to face the threats of poaching and other illegal activities head on. Your support can go a long way. Click the link in our bio to donate and support our Rangers, who are safeguarding countless people and species, carrying a beacon of hope for their future. Photos: 1) @love_wild_africa 2) @mia_collis 3) African Parks 4) @Brent stirton 5) @lifethroughalensphotography #AfricanParks #MeetOurRangers #WorldRangerDay #Donate #ForceForGood