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The Big Five is an old term used by hunters to refer to the hardest and most prized animals to kill. Outdated to say the least…⁣

And then along came @newbig5project with the aim to create a New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography. A much better idea! Hundreds of wildlife photographer, charities and conservationists came together to support the project and now the results are in! What do you think?⁣

The initiative has already raised awareness of the plight of endangered species, and not just those above, and we are looking forward to helping spread the word and continue the success.

Posted @withregram • @newbig5project In case you haven’t already seen the news… The results of the year-long global vote to create a New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography are out. ⁠

The 5 animals in the New Big 5 are: ⁠


“These 5 animals are such beautiful and remarkable species, and are wonderful ambassadors for the world’s wildlife, from iconic species to little-known frogs, lizards, fish and birds. So many face threats to their survival from issues such as poaching, habitat loss and climate change. A million species are at risk of extinction. If we work together, we can stop this happening. There is always hope. Change is possible if we each play our part.”⁠

Dr Jane Goodall – Founder @janegoodallinst⁠

Find out more about the 5 animals in the New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography on the New Big 5 website – link in Bio⁠

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Photos in picture by ⁠
@davidlloyd – elephant⁠
@michel_zoghzoghi – polar bear⁠ – lion ⁠
@anette_mossbacher – tiger⁠
@marcuswestbergphotography – gorilla⁠

Thank you to all the international photographers who’ve been part of this project, including: ⁠
@marselvanoosten ⁠
@marcogaiotti_naturephotography ⁠

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