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We are always in awe of the work that our friends and partners @tsavotrust carry out on a daily basis and the scenario is just one of hundreds they face during the year. ⁣⁣
The Super Tuskers of Tsavo are iconic, but the team at Tsavo Trust are not only tasked with looking after the magnificent beasts, but also with all aspects of the Tsavo wilderness and ecosystem through their partnerships. ⁣⁣
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Posted @withregram • @tsavotrust Yesterday we received a call saying an elephant had recently been seen around the Satao area with a large snare caught round his tusks. We instantly deployed 3 mobile ground units and 1 of our super cub aircraft to search for this elephant. Fortunately, It did not take long for us to locate the elephant which is not often the case in vast Tsavo. The KWS vet unit (funded by DSWT) were able to successfully dart this bull elephant and remove the snare successfully.

Photo: Tsavo Trust

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