Instagram – June 11th, 2020

We have spoken a lot about pangolins Over the last few months, mostly about the link between the scaly animals and COVID-19, and most of it bad news. They do after all, hold the title of the world’s most-trafficked animal. ⁣⁣
Well today we have some good news! ⁣⁣
China have officially removed the pangolin from a list of ingredients approved for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Now it might be a small step, but let’s hope it leads to many others and an increased awareness of the need to protect this fragile animal. ⁣

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Most people have just recently heard of #pangolins due to their possible link to COVID-19. This invaluable animal is the most illegally trafficked wild mammal on earth, and we need to put an end to that for their sake and our own.
As you may have heard, #pangolins are making the news cycle yet again this week but this time due to increased protections and their removal from an official 2020 listing of ingredients approved for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine!
Celebrate with us by learning more about pangolins. Our Program Manager, Christina Vallianos and director of our partner org, Hong Hong joined other #pangolin experts from around the world for a series of sessions discussing all things pangolins. Watch Pangolins and the Pandemic today (Link in Bio) photo credit: @mikesutherlandphoto