Instagram – June 14th, 2020

If ever there was a matriarch of conservation, it’s Dame Daphne Sheldrick. From the elephant nursery she started all those years ago to the country-wide conservation organisation we all know and love, it’s largely down to Daphne’s passion for Kenya, the wilderness and her beloved elephants. Today, @sheldricktrust work alongside @kenyawildlifeservice in a multifaceted approach to conservation and wildlife protection and we are so proud to work with them ❤️ 🐘
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Daphne Sheldrick was never one to turn away a creature in need. When poachers left Olmeg orphaned in 1987, the Nursery didn’t even exist. Instead, Daphne put him up in her daughter’s bedroom! Everyone quickly realized that a two-week-old elephant doesn’t make the best houseguest, and Olmeg’s arrival heralded the establishment of the Nursery as we know it today.

Olmeg took the journey that all our orphans now take, finding his footing at the Nursery and then graduating to our Voi Reintegration Unit. However, he never forgot the woman who raised him. Whenever Daphne visited Tsavo, Olmeg greeted her with unbridled joy and excitement, recognizing her instantly, even among a group of people.

While Olmeg has long since grown up and transitioned back to a life in the wild, the Nursery remains a sanctuary for those like him — a place where orphaned calves who have lost everything find a family and a future once more. All of this exists because of Dame Daphne and her tireless work to save Africa’s wild world. Today, on her birthday, and every day, we celebrate our founder and the remarkable legacy of conservation she left behind.

Photo © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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