Instagram – June 12th, 2019

We are delighted to announce the first of our grants raised from our fabulous safari auction in April this year.⁣

First up is @naturalselectiontravel whose grant will go toward The Desert Lion Project in north-western Namibia. The lions in this arid, desert area are a uniquely adapted population that survive some of the most challenging conditions faced by the species: a water-stressed environment, a highly variable prey base and human conflict. ⁣

Over the last two decades, the Desert Lion Project has been documenting the near disappearance and slow recovery of these desert-adapted lions. To combat the rise of conflict with livestock herders, the project is implementing an automatic monitoring and early warning system that hopes to prevent further conflict with livestock herders. Using new satellite collars and communications software, the system warns farmers of nearby lions so herders can corral livestock and prevent predation.⁣

Our grant will go towards the ongoing research and purchase of new equipment, aimed to prevent the devastating consequences of human/wildlife conflict 🦁