Instagram – June 16th, 2019

Across the continent, there are so many women working in conservation whose determination and general kick-ass hard work often goes unnoticed.

But, thanks to the amazing team @riseofthematriarch , their stories are being told – and that’s something we definitely want to celebrate. So, here’s to women doing the jobs that matter. We thank you.

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Sunset with the @theblackmambas. The first all-female anti-poaching unit to exist, these women are hardcore. They are brave. But also intuitive, passionate and driven. They do things their way, and they are creating waves in the Greater Kruger area as they patrol the reserve, are incredibly active within their communities, focussed on educating the youth, and simultaneously work to mitigate conflict daily and work in tense situations. They work to protect the wildlife, decrease poaching incidents and remove snares.
Photo by @jamessuter
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