Instagram – June 4th, 2020

A little glimpse into the effort and sheer commitment it takes to protect wilderness areas and all their inhabitants. ⁣⁣
Without people like these, we would be nowhere. ⁣⁣
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It takes more than 160 dedicated staff to protect, manage and monitor Singita Grumeti’s 350,000-acres of wilderness.⁠

The team from the Grumeti Fund – our non-profit partner responsible for this unenviable task – works around the clock to preserve the landscape and care for the wildlife that abound on these endless grassy plains, as well as enhancing the livelihoods of the people living along the boundary of the protected area.⁠

Their tireless commitment to conserving this crucial part of the Serengeti ecosystem is worthy of our respect, admiration and support. Please consider making a donation directly to the Grumeti Fund at the link in our bio, and help them to continue their essential conservation work.⁠

Photo: @jamessuter

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