Instagram – May 30th, 2020

In February, we were lucky enough to visit Tsavo in Kenya and see some of these incredible elephants known as ‘super tuskers’ for their mammoth tusks. There are currently only 10 super tuskers left in Tsavo, the last great breeding ground, and they are being protected by @tsavotrust , a Kenyan based conservation organization that provides aerial and ground support in order to the species, alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service.⁣

We are honoured to have spent time with them in February and proud to call Tsavo Trust them our fiscal sponsors 🙏🏼 #Repost @tsavotrust with @get_repost
Beautiful photo of the late Mudanda. She was very well known to the Tsavo Trust team as a placid and approachable elephant, who died naturally of old age.
There are just 10 super Tuskers elephants left in Tsavo, the last great breeding ground in Africa for these iconic animals. The Super Tusker project is committed to preserving the extraordinary “Super Tusker” elephants of the Tsavo Conservation Area in Kenya. Using aerial and ground monitoring, our mission is to ensure the survival of arguably the last viable population of these magnificent creatures.

To find out more about our Big Tusker project please visit our website
Photo: @willbl