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The next time you are on safari, take a moment to appreciate these cheeky vervet monkeys! ⁣

Although not endangered, the monkeys face many of their own challenges. They are often considered pests, stealing food and raiding crops, leading to a heavy annual slaughter by poison, traps and guns. They are also desirable as research animals, further increasing their slaughter. ⁣

Conservation so often begins with education and it’s up to us to increase awareness of the natural world and educate those around us on the importance of preservation for all species, big and small.⁣

Posted @withregram • @singita_ Common throughout Southern Africa, vervet monkeys are a familiar sight for safari-goers. ⁠⁠
A source of endless entertainment, and well versed in the art of causing mischief when backs are turned, they form part of the colourful tapestry of life around the lodge, their chatter a ubiquitous background bush veld sound and antics almost human in their playfulness. ⁠⁠
#OurSingita #SustainableTourism #WildlifeConservation ⁠⁠

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