Instagram – March 20th, 2020

In times of crisis, the one thing we could all use a little more of is education – and that’s exactly where @alueducation and the School of Wildlife Conservation comes in. Dedicated to educating the future generations of conservation leaders, they also place a firm focus on women, making sure they have the tools required to succeed in the industry and of course, educate others. ⁣

We recently honoured Elizabeth Babalola from @aluconservation Passionate and determined, her work is trailblazing and the message she is spreading, inspirational. ⁣

Here’s to more Elizabeths in the world! ⁣🙏🏼 #Repost @the_matriarchs with @get_repost
Education is such a powerful conservation tool, which allows us to empower the next generation to become ambassadors for their communities, wildlife, and the environment.  ALU’s (@alueducation) School of Wildlife Conservation is dedicated to enhancing emerging conservation leaders, developing the next generation of leaders and influencing policymakers to create change through education that fosters student’s connection to nature.

@aluconservation is also incredibly passionate about the role of women in conservation and work tirelessly to ensure that young women and girls have the opportunity to access the skills and knowledge that they need to become future leaders. For too long, conservation has been a male-dominated field and the School of Wildlife Conservation is working to change this.
We’ll be sharing more about ALU’s School of Wildlife Conservation (@aluconservation) over the next few days and the impact their work is having on conservation leaders and Africa’s people and wildlife.