Instagram – March 27th, 2020

“In times of crisis, take solace in the natural world.”⁣

Thank you, @georgetheexplorer – never a truer few words spoken ❤️ #Repost @georgetheexplorer with @get_repost
Stand by me. ⁣

In times of crisis, take solace in the natural world. Open your window and soak up the bird song, appreciate the flowers in your garden, look closer. It doesn’t saturate you with fear, bombard you with statistics, or judge your response. Instead, it welcomes you with open arms.⁣

Once this is all over – because it will end – the natural world awaits you. My hope is that this experience encourages greater responsibility within our respective communities to protect it, fight for it, cherish it. We’re tiny cogs in a giant machine.⁣

Until then, take care of yourself, your loved ones, and listen out for that song. I know I will be.