Instagram – March 30th, 2020

The below isn’t an easy read, but it is thought-provoking, really quite shocking and probably not being talked about enough right now. ⁣⁣
Whether it’s the truth or not, it is more than likely that the virus stemmed from illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking- and that’s something we should all be thinking about.
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Well said by amazing photographer @paulhiltonphoto #regram: People keep asking where this virus 🦠 CoVid -19 came from. Right now, as far as the science goes, we’ve had a 90% match from a corona virus carried by a pangolin, that mostly likely contacted from a bat 🦇. Imagine a pangolin eating termites under a dead log, where bats are roosting, it then picks up the virus 🦠, then comes along a poacher picks it up and puts it in a sack, then sends it off to market. It’s then killed, by a market trader, in the process he or she gets a bit of blood 🩸 in their eye. Fast forward to the present day. It’s time to leave other species alone and to start respecting the planet a little more. All these species provide ecosystem services for the planet, that helps sustain the web of life, that keeps us alive. #Respectnaure #banthesnare #photographersagainstwildlifecrime #cutconflictpalmoil