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Absolutely brilliant to read this news from South Africa! The team @bloodlionsofficial have worked for many long and hard years to achieve exactly this – huge congratulations to you all, we are so proud of you! ⁣

Posted @withregram • @bloodlionsofficial BREAKING NEWS: This morning at a stakeholder’s feedback meeting in Pretoria, Minister Creecy of the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment made a crucial and long-awaited step towards changing the status quo of the commercial captive lion breeding industry in South Africa.

“The [High-Level] Panel identified that the captive lion industry poses risks to the sustainability of wild lion conservation resulting from the negative impact on ecotourism which funds lion conservation and conservation more broadly, the negative impact on the authentic wild hunting industry, and the risk that trade in lion parts poses to stimulating poaching and the illegal trade”, the Minister announced.

“The panel recommends that South Africa does not captive breed lions, keep lions in captivity, or use captive lions or their derivatives commercially. I have requested the department to action this accordingly and ensure that the necessary consultation for implementation is conducted.”

Blood Lions has campaigned against this cruel and unethical industry and its spin-off activities for many years, and we are extremely happy by the Minister’s decision to bring an end to the captive lion breeding industry. We commend Minister Creecy, in her decisive leadership, and we would welcome the chance to play a role in assisting her and the various departments and entities in the phasing out process to come.” BLOOD LIONS NPC.

Full press release coming shortly.

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